Toilets for women

Online fund-raising campaign

Many women in another part of the world don’t have what we consider to be THE most basic and fundamental right. The right to a toilet. Recent rape and sexual violence cases in rural India have been on the increase when women attend nature’s call because they have no toilet facilities in their homes. They have to travel long distances just to relieve themselves. Defecation in the open is very unhygienic for them and also for their village in general. They often fall ill and a major portion of their savings drains as medical expenses. Rajalakshmi (at center in the picture) is also among these unfortunate people however our online campaign enabled her and this group of five women (all daily wage laborers) to collectively be able to install toilets in their individual houses.

Working with Milaap and their field partner, GUARDIAN who have been conducting sanitation workshops to drive home the importance of hygiene and safety, for thousands of women like Laxmi, a toilet at home is a reality now.