Educating the young as a business volunteer

SPLASH with Hackney Community College, London

Working Knowledge is a social enterprise that creates chances for young people aged 16-19 and prepares them for the world of work. Working Knowledge partners with Colleges across the country to deliver employer led, work experience activities. These activities help Colleges meet Ofsted requirements and provide students with enhanced employability skills, confidence and motivation.

Spending a day, packed with activities, involved listening to their business ideas, plans and presentations, and motivating them about the world that awaits. An extremely rewarding day with the following feedback from some of the young people:

The volunteers taught me what they expect from their future employees, this has made me more confident and ready for hard work in order to achieve what I want in life.
— Michal, Cadbury College student
I’ve learnt so much from the Business Volunteers, I learnt what factors to consider when starting and building a business and how to tackle problems I might meet along the way.
— Howell, City of Bristol College student