A simple four letter word, with the deepest element of faith.
Reinforcing humanity in its truest sense.

In the form of a friendly spider, our very own Itsy.
Holding Alison' s hand out of loneliness, but without any sympathy.
Sympathising does no good, being empathetic gives strength.
The power to heal and helps one refrain.

With a new perspective and the promise to live,
Alison moved on, away from her fears and grief.
The loveable Itsy, taught Alison the pearls of kindness.
She learnt to smile, share and empathise.
The web of life is nothing less than this.
Teaching us to fight it out, as a survivor is.

We never know what's going on in a person's life.
A little bit of patience,
An act of kindness can change a mind.
Be the ray of hope, a guide or a friend,
Like our cute little Itsy, whose kindness never ends.

- By Dia Nag

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