An Act of Kindness

Reflecting upon a world,
On a journey ,
to understand and confront
a distorted reality.
Governed by a lack of trust scattered amongst us.

Exploring nature and its complexities,
As I linger on the concrete pavements and admire its authenticity.
Reflecting upon human nature, recognising that lack of love is what truly separates us.

An action so pure and desperately needed to unify and connect complete strangers.

Acts of kindness, that give me hope and leave me astonished,
Leaving me amazed at the genuine help others will give when there is no guarantee of being rewarded.

As I gather my thoughts and reflect upon my journey,
I notice a spider. As I scream, examine it and wonder,
Confused on what my next course of action should be, overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

I stop and ponder.

I begin to analyse the beauty in its movement, its detail and texture,
an enchanting elegant creature.

A wonderful creation by nature.

As I look closer and examine what binds us.

I realise there is so much more that brings us together than divides us.

An act of kindness,
is what brought us together,
a bond I plan on keeping forever.
By Ruvimbo Munodawafa

articlesPremila Puri